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A video with the best photoset of my Lightning

July 2013:

June 2013:
New photos for Lightning Armor.
May 2013:
Some changes in the website.
December 2012:
Tutorial step by step for Lightning make up
online! (with hair style in progress)
November 2012:
30. add a Lightning Dissidia wallpaper!
29: add Lightning from Dissidia.
add the photos of my shooting
in March in Lightning, in HD!
20: I have add a new wallpaper!
Come back from Japan Expo Belgium, photos
are comming soon! I´m waiting for them!
October 2012:
Have make some news links, tutorial for
making Lightning gunblade form, some
wallpapers, have changed the home look,
and finally updates all the photos of Light.

July 2012:
26.07: add Lightning armor.

June 2012:
16: New version of the website,
entierely with Lightning!

March 2012:
20: I have add two new make up
tutorial, go here for see that.
10: I have made a photoshoot with my
Lightning, photos will be soon online!